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surge protective devices

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surge protective devices

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recommendations for applications of SPD KIWA

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     >> type POm I    
     >> type PO I

     >> type PO II

     >> type POPV II 3 F 1000VDC
     >> type POPV II 2 F 600VDC
     >> type PO II 3 PH a PO II 2+1 PH

     Overvoltage protection moduls
     >> PODA-275 a PODA-275S
     >> POD-275S
     >> POD, POD S

     Distribution box overvoltage      protection
     >> RPO DS, RPO D

    Overvoltage protection sockets
     >> ZPO D
     >> ZPOI D

Product catalogue

The lightning  conuctors - class B

They serve to equalise potentials on lightning strikes and are connected to the input leading to the main distribution box ... PO I

For protection of mains and appliances in industrial buildings, administration buildings,
buildings of civil amenities, detached houses with a connection to the ground cable
against the effects of overvoltage wave caused by a close or indirect lightning hit
... POm I LCF

For protection of continuos circuit photovoltaic systems with operating voltage up to 1000V ... POI 2+1 PV, PO I 3 PV, PO I 4+1 PV and PO I 5 PV



Overvoltage protection - class C

They serve to suppress power overvoltage impulses in electricity distribution networks and are mainly for connection to subsidiary distribution boxes ...PO II

POPV II 3 F 1000 V DC and POPV II 2 F 600 V DC
are surge protective devoces designed for application
in area of photovoltaic systems with DC circuits...
For protection of continuos circuit photovoltaic systems with operating voltage up to 1000V ... PO II 3 PH / PO II 2+1 PH



Overvoltage protection moduls - class D

It is intended for secondary installation to an existing sockets, electrical installation boxes and channels or within the electrical equipment as appropriate ...
PODA-275, PODA-275S, POD-275S and PO DS

Overvoltage protection sockets - class D

They are intended for elimination of overvoltage surges in the sockets attached to the distribution network ...

Distribution box overvoltage protection - class D

They serve to protect against overvoltage surges all electrical and electronic equipment supplied directly by the distribution box without the connection through socket ...

Distribution box overvoltage protection with HF filter

The overvoltage protection device RPOD F 6, RPOD F 16, RPOD F 6-L and RPO D F 16-R are used for protection of electrical equipments supplied from the housing cabinet against the pulse overvoltage according to IEC 60 644 ( overvoltage category II)...

Combined overvoltage protection

The adapters ZPA D 10 present a reliable and effective overvoltage protections within wide scope of overvoltage events ...

Overvoltage protection for 100BaseT Ethernet sites 

Protection of data input for LAN Ethernet 100BaseT site devices in lightning protection zone LPZ 1 (within buildings)...

Overvoltage protection for instrumentation and control

DM485-4DB25 - Protection of electronical equipments  

Overvoltage protection for instrumentation and control

They are intended for protection of data input from devices in measuring and regulating systems, which in general are largely susceptible to overvoltage damage ...

Overvoltage Impulses  Counter

The counter registers overvoltage events and at the same time protects the conductor to which it is connected against overvoltage.